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About Us


The Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) was established in 1987 E.C under the Ethiopian Commercial Code of 1960 as a charitable endowment fund from resources donated by its members. Structurally, EFFORT has two wings: Investment Center and Humanitarian Director. EFFORT owned businesses have been organized into 14 different companies. The investment wing was given the mandate to manage and control the investment companies in which EFFORT Investment Center is a major shareholder. The Investment Centre is committed to bring an all-round socioeconomic development by employing most appropriate management techniques and modern technologies.
Accordingly, EFFORT Corporation has the following Vision, Mission, and Values.

EFFORT Investments Center strives to b e an exemplary corporate citizen capable of continually and successfully competing in the increasingly complex global marketplace to attain sustainable, progressive, and measurable growth through the use of innovative and contemporary management approaches and techniques.

EFFORT mission is to actively participate in a range of economic activities that help ensure regional and national development while responsibly generating profits and building its resources. It endeavors to carry out its mission in partnership with other development partners.

Commitment, resolve, resilience, and hard work
Innovation, and curiosity
Camaraderie, and collaboration
Characterized by these values, EFFORT strives to play a major role in the poverty reduction and overall development endeavors of the regional state of Tigray in particular and that of the nation in general.