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Addis Pharmaceutical Factory

The largest  pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Ethiopia with headquarters in Adigrat in the Tigray regional state. The plant was constructed and equipped with high tech production facilities and in 2009 the company acquired  a second factory located at Akaki on the outskirts of Addis Ababa which is dedicated for the manufacturing of large volumes Parenterlas.

Addis Pharmaceutical Factory manufactures more than 91 high quality products of different therapeutic categories including antibiotics, gastro-intestinal drugs, central nervous system drugs, cardiovascular drugs, anti-diabetic agents, antihistamines, antehelmitics, analgesics, antiprotozoals, respiratory drugs, dermatological preparations, minerals and vitamins as well as large volumes of Parentals. 

The company has more than nine production lines and fully equipped laboratories as well as the capacity to produce tabulates, capsules, syrups/suspensions, dry powders for reconstitution, injectable vials, liquid injectable ampules, creams and ointments.  

website: http://www.apf-ethio.com/