Effort Investments

Almeda Textile

Established in February 1996 as a fully integrated textile factory. It has a spinning department, weaving department, finishing department,  garment department, knitting & knit dyeing unit and garment department.  In all departments machines and looms use Swiss, German or Italian technology which enables it to produce a range of fabrics including plain, twill, terry, canvas and satin design, and a weaving width ranging from 160-330 cm. 

The Finishing Department is a fully equipped processing department with state of the art technology from Germany, Holland and Italy including ;wet processing, bleaching, mercerizing, washing, printing, stentering,  and dyeing, steaming, drying, sanforizing, jigger dyeing, singeing, desizing and calendaring machines.

The knitting and knit Dyeing Unit which is equipped with German technology has a production capacity of about 3 tons/day.

The Garment Department has more than 250 sewing machines, about 75% of them juki type of different varieties including: single and double needle, feed of the arm, bar tacking, button hole and button setter machines.

Almeda Textile Factory has a yearly production capacity of 7,020 tonnes of yarn, 16,751,100mt.of grey fabric, 15,387,000mt.of processed fabric, and about one million pieces of basic shirt equivalent garments.

Currently, the factory has more than 2800 employees who are involved in operating three shifts of 8 hours/shift (in the spinning, weaving and finishing departments) as well as two shifts of 8 hours/shift in the garment Department.

Website: http://almedatextiles.com/