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We have on our platform exclusive advisory services with an exceptional track record over the last decade. They follow a focused style of investing wherein a handful of high conviction ideas are selected after a stringent filtration process. The research process involves looking at the 11 year history of the company, analyzing the business model, identifying the structural drivers for the volume and profit growth, interaction with the management, independent channel checks and focus on specific areas of the balance sheet like operating cash flows.

We have exclusive tie ups with some Portfolio Managers who have managed a huge outperformance over the last 10 years.These money managers have an experienced and professional fund management team specializing across different segments and sectors of the market. They carry out extensive research on the potential companies by meeting with the management regularly, conducting channel checks with suppliers and dealers, analyzing the operating cash flows of the companies while maintaining diversification across different sectors.

We also have some portfolio managers who are small cap specialists investing in under-researched small cap companies with low debt, high growth rates and return on capital, high levels of management integrity and available at low valuations. They have shown exceptional returns during bull markets while limiting drawdowns during challenging markets. We believe this segment of the market is a bottom up stock picking story and hence the fund manager's investment process and skill is of utmost importance. This space has the potential to achieve outsized returns as growth from a lower base can be exponential as also a re-rating of stocks which creates several multi-baggers in the portfolio.

This product category seems quite easy to invest in as well as distribute and with favourable market conditions several players have joined the industry over the last few years. This trend accelerated after demonetization which resulted in large scale inflows into mutual funds. However we believe what matters more is not what everyone is doing but why and how they are doing it. We focus on the investment process over long time periods, have over two decades of experience in mutual funds and have been part of several business cycles. Hence we understand investor psyche deeply and have developed high levels of conviction.

We work assiduously to ensure our clients achieve their desired goals and wealth aspirations. We strongly believe the process of planning finances and then identifying the optimal schemes to meet various objectives is more important than merely investing based on past performance.

We meet every fund manager responsible for managing our clients' money as we believe the jockey is as critical to the cause as the horse. We use qualitative and quantitative metrics to identify fund schemes likely to be more consistent and add value to our clients' portfolios. We often go against popular trends in fund selection which helps us identify more 1st quartile schemes and long term out-performers.

Tie ups with exclusive Private Equity (PE) Funds investing in the Early Stage Technology space (Venture Capital funds) with a high growth potential. We also have PE funds investing in more mature companies raising growth capital for expanding their businesses.These companies could also be aiming for a stock exchange listing in a few years thereby unlocking the inherent value in the business. 

Such PE funds strive to achieve higher returns than funds investing in listed companies as the underlying investee companies are in a rapid expansion phase and can reach higher orbits with the support and guidance of highly qualified and experienced professionals within the PE funds.

This is one of the most exciting opportunities for investors with a greater risk appetite who wish to participate in the Indian start up space. We follow an extremely stringent process of due diligence and have several internal filters which help us narrow down our selections to a fraction of the opportunities available. 

We review the market opportunity, strategic and business plans of the start ups, conduct an analysis of the promoter's background and capability, analysis of the competitive landscape and understand the potential risks and threats. Once we onboard a start up, we mentor them and help them scale up rapidly by working alongside them to ensure they achieve their milestones and are able to reach the next levels of funding.

Exclusive tie ups with some of the well know Alternate Investment funds which try to generate superior risk adjusted return by capitalizing on opportunities across infrastructure, real estate, commodities and volatility in the equity markets. There are also some products that have a lower risk aiming to achieve higher returns than fixed income.
We can introduce our clients with banks overseas in various jurisdictions like London, Jersey, Singapore and Hong Kong for private banking and offshore investment opportunities.
We work with a property advisory company in India that advises clients on real estate opportunities in India and provides attractive off market deals which could be at a substantial discount to the market price.