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Already Retired?

Now that you have retired, it’s a good time to review your financial plan and maybe even make adjustments. A plan is an organism that, in certain cases, changes over time. Typically, adjustments need to be made either due to life events or external circumstances. Our perceptive financial planning firm can review all your cash inflow items against all your cash outflow (or expenses) taking into account the tax deductibility of certain expenses. Our illustrations consider your life expectancy so that you will not run the risk of outliving your assets.

Our firm can assist you in making the changes necessary due to numerous factors, including:

Life events: marriage, sale of a real estate or business interest, property or personal injury settlement, losing a job, changing employment, and our favorite – winning the lottery.

External circumstances: changes in the stock and / or bond markets, economic change, political change, change in monetary or governmental policy, tax law changes, inflation, or interest rate fluctuation.